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If you are looking to send your music demo to us for consideration for it to be released on OneSeventy, then please use the link above to email us! Please make sure you note the following:

  • Please introduce yourself with a short paragraph.

  • Please send us only private Soundcloud or private Dropbox links. Please make sure the file is still online for when we listen!

  • Please understand that it may take a little time for us to check all demos. OneSeventy is a two man operation and we only check demos once or twice a fortnight.

  • We do try to respond to every demo, but sometimes time constraints mean that we cannot personally respond to each and every one. If you haven't heard back in a number of weeks, it's likely that the track just isn't right for us.

  • Please ONLY SEND US HAPPY HARDCORE demos. We get sent lots and lots of Hardstyle demos. Whilst we love hardstyle, we do not sign hardstyle tracks, we are strictly a happy hardcore label of 160bpm+.

  • We are only interested in signing exciting, fresh, groundbreaking music. We don't want to hear musical clones of other artists on the label already. Be brave, be yourself, find your own groove, and show us music we haven't heard before!

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