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FFImageCopyFFImageCopy is a tiny, fast, lightweight and extremely easy-to-use function to copy and paste from one image to another. FJWMetadataFJWMetadata is a stand-alone library containing routines that allows the reading, writing and manipulating of metadata from various image formats, including EXIF metadata. Fuzzy File SearchingA fuzzy file searching utility for UNIX. Uses the edit distance algorithm to determine similarities. This is actually a front end for the ed, the same program that is used to implement grep. gHexgHex is a utility to convert text files of hexadecimal numbers to hex, ascii or decimal numbers. It also permits editing the hex number. The original project was developed under Linux/i686, but has been ported to most UNIX and Windows systems. gIxgIx is a graphing utility for UNIX. It has the ability to graph up to 20 curves, can do rotation and zooming, and have a full-screen mode. It also has a programming interface, which allows for user programs to be easily written. gPaGgPa is a simple yet effective statistical program for UNIX. It's a useful tool for checking basic statistics on the distribution of data in text files. gPanalgPanal is a relatively small, extremely customizable UNIX utility, similar to rivendell in many ways. gPeggPeg is a simple disk editor for X Window System based systems. It is meant to be quick and easy to use. It provides a file browser, an editor and a file manager. gPngerFileExtensionAn optional file extension which will be added to the filename when saving a PNG image. Get File Get File is a directory search tool for UNIX. It is not a file browser, it is not a file manager, but it can help you browse your files. It finds the location of any file in your current directory, and displays its size in megabytes. GettSSCGetSSC is a simple web-based tool for the creation of domain name/SSC registrations. It supports the dnssec, fasttrack, zacc and reserved domain name extensions and is similar to GetDDN in concept. GitGit is a distributed revision control system. GitWebGitWeb is a web




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Free Download Jpg 160x120 Viewer Software seanysbe

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