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OneSeventy Top 5 – Track Reviews – June 2015

OneSeventy Top 5 – Track Reviews – June 2015

Styles & Breeze - You're Shining (2015 Update) Over the past 10 years or more there have been plenty of remixes of ‘You’re Shining’ however to date this has to be the best one. The main riff is completely different and super catchy which grabs the attention of any listener. We can’t wait to hear Mark Breeze drop this at Defqon this year. Production is modern and quite tight as you would expect to hear from the boys. We are huge fans of this update and goes down as OneSeventy's track of the month. You can hear this on the Mark Breeze YouTube mix for Defqon. Technikore & Mob – Fallen

Every now and then a track comes along that instantly grabs your attention and you just know it’s going to be huge and for us here at OneSeventy this is one of them. It’s extremely melodic and catchy as you would expect from Technikore and Mob however the emotion that is generated when listening to this song is incredible. The riff being so strong it is used in both the intro and main section. The vocals are taken from a house track I believe that Mob brought into the studio. Make sure you check out ‘Fallen’ which is forthcoming on Lethal Theory. You can also hear it on the JTS OneSeventy Mix that has been floating around the past two months.

Darren Styles & Chris Unknown – Down Like That

We first heard this on the 2014 Darren Styles showcase and have been after it ever since. What a track! Goes off every single time. “Turn up the beat”, “Hey you what’s that sound, everybody look what’s going down”. The bass is quite subby but what really makes this track is the hook lead. Very distinguishable! A strong release on Together We Rise you can now buy from Beatport.

Mark Breeze - Raving Drug

Breeze has titled the style of this track as Trappyhardcore and boy does it sound incredibly fresh. The subby kick and pitched down vox “Raving Drug” brings something different to the hardcore sound. This belter of a track does some severe damage to the speakers when dropped. Forthcoming on Future World or Together We Rise. More information on its release coming soon. A small taste of what’s to come for us at Defqon this year!

Haze – Givin’ It All I Got

‘Givin’ It All I Got’ focuses on new hardcore with an oldskool edge from one of our resident dj's, Haze, and boy has be pulled it off!! The vocal is taken from an old house track from the early 90s and is forthcoming on Executive Records.

The main breakdown contains a catchy piano chord progression and drops with an uplifting trance riff. Mr Haze has purposely worked on the changes in the key progression in the bridge to create a 90s feel. DJ support from Jimni Cricket and Singapore’s Viperstar and has been featured on his podcast and a recent soundcloud mix “A mix of awesome TUNAge – Vol 1”.

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