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OneSeventy DJ Competition Winner: Ektomorph Interview

Congratulations to EKTOMORPH for winning the OneSeventy Dj competition and for gaining residency @ OneSeventy. His set was amazing and turned many heads! Check this interview out by Ben Hayes. How did you get into DJing? It all started when my oldest brother started taking me out to raves. Before and after events he would always be mixing in his shed on these crusty old turntables. Once i finally got the guts to give it a go there was no stopping me. Inspiration from DJ Cotts and Ravine also really encouraged me to take it further aswell! You recently started producing, how is that going? Production has been very big learning curve for me, i took it up properly just under a year ago and i have recently started playing some of my own Originals, Remixes and Edits out in my sets. Two of my most recent originals are 'Like an Animal' and 'Rok Dis Joynt'. Im expecting to play them in my upcoming gigs which is very exciting for me. You currently have plans to start your own Australian Hardcore label. How is that coming along? Which artists do you have in mind for the label? Yes! I have been under going getting my own Aussie Hardcore label up and running. It is mainly to get my own tunes out there to people but I have a few other young producers who are keen to get there music on the label including DJ Comrad3 another local Oneventy resident. What are your 5 favorite tunes at the moment? Never Let Go - (Fracus & Darwin Remix) Marc Smith & Chris Fear - Get ready Ganar - Bomb da Bass Need You Everday - Alex Prospect & Chris Unknown Fallen - Technikore & Mob Whom are your top 3 producers and why? Technikore: I have always been a huge fan of Technikore, i just love his unique style and his ability to write riffs that light up the dancefloor. I have always liked how he has kept his own style and not tried to sound like everyone else while also still being creative with his music. Alex Prospect: He also has his own unique style and i think mine is some what similar to his. I like to have a bit more beef in majority of my tunes and he definitely does that aswell. Also he is a young up and coming DJ/Producer in hardcore right now and i feel like i can in someway relate to that. Rescue: I have alot of respect for Rescue because he is just simply very talented. He sings and plays acoustic in majority of his new tunes and thats something you dont see much of in hardcore these days. I was a very big fan of his recent Album 'Bombs Away' which is an absoloute dancefloor killer! What has been your biggest achievement to date? It would have to be Playing after Scott Brown in Adelaide last year, just being in the same stage as this man is a true honor. A true hardcore legend this man is! What other genres of music are you into? Im actually a very big Oldschool hip hop fan, also love my rock such as Red hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. But i am really just a general music fan and will give anything a go smile emoticon You recently won the Oneseventy DJ Comp giving you residency at this event. What does this mean to you? What preparation did you undertake before the DJ Comp? Winning the Oneseventy Comp is another big achievement for me. I have always wanted to play to a Sydney crowd and to win the residency is very big for me. I have always looked up to the locals such as JTS, Weaver, Haze and Sc@r and getting to come up and play along side these guys is something I am really looking foward to! I put alot of preparation into my sets, my main goal is to keep the energy on the dancefloor. I do this by doing edits of tracks and playing a variety of different hardcore rather than just the one style. So i essentially just did what i usally do for my gigs and im happy it paid off for the Oneseventy competition! How can we improve the Australian UK Hardcore scene? I think we should just keep doing what we are doing, just keep making tracks, keep holding events and keep having an amazing time whilst doing it. We have alot of Talent here in Aus and it will keep getting noticed if we keep doing these things and i think the hardcore scene will continue to grow. For our interstate fans how is the scene in South Australia? We are a little bit smaller down here in SA but we have alot of love to give. We unfortunately dont have a big enough scene to hold an all night hardcore event like Oneseventy but i do get various sets at multi genred harder styles shows. I wouldn't have been able to achieve anything with Dj'ing/Producing without the support and love of my little Adelaide crew smile emoticon Thank you for your time.