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Brand new OneSeventy Record Label incoming...

Hi there guys and gals, first up this is a big hello from myself Technikore! I'm going to be looking after the website side of things from this point forward for OneSeventy, which is all cool, but more excitingly is the news that the brand new OneSeventy Record Label headed up by myself and the main man JTS, is almost ready to launch!

We were initially aiming for a January 2016 launch, and that should still hold true so long as a few factors come into alignment (it's looking peachy so far), but rest assured we have been busy beavers working on a whole catalogue of brand new hardcore. We've also been doing that frustrating thing of keeping it all quiet and not giving too much information away as we want to launch with a suprising and exciting new schedule of music that hasn't already been hammered to death.

We are celebrating the launch of the label with the OneSeventy Label Launch Rave (well, what else were we going to call it?!) on 22nd January 2016 at the Valve Bar in Sydney, Australia. And all atendees will recieve a full free promo mix CD from myself and JTS, of the ENTIRE upcoming catalogue of OneSeventy music, plus a few extra tracks which have been lurking around in our recent sets. It's basically the soundtrack of Technikore & JTS's blood, sweat and tears from the past six months. Every second of their suffering burned eternally to the compact disc format.

So stay tuned to the usual avenues of information for more news. OneSeventy Records is imminent...

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