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Mark Breeze chats to OneSeventy about hardcore, the future of Clubland Xtreme and his upcoming Sydne

In our run up to the forthcoming OneSeventy: Futureworld event, we had a little chat with our UK headliner, Mr Futureworld himself ‘Mark Breeze’. Mark will be performing in Sydney on Friday 7th July 2017 and in Brisbane on Saturday 8th July 2017 for his mini tour of Australia. Our excitement levels are sky high, so with no hesitation we introduce the hardcore legend himself…

OneSeventy: Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. It’s been just over a year since you were last in Australia, when you played with Darren Styles at Midnight Mafia 2016. How often do you get to come and perform over here?

Mark Breeze: Hi guys! Well, I’ve been lucky enough to come over and perform at least once a year since 2003, and it’s a highlight every year to be honest. The people are great, the lifestyle and the weather!

OneSeventy: You’ve been DJ’ing and producing hardcore for as long as we can remember. What got you started in the scene in the first place?

Mark Breeze: I blame Dougal for this. I was a raver and bedroom DJ when I first got into electronic music until around 1994. After that, I was a local DJ in the area of Northampton, and one night I noticed Dougal in the club that I was resident in, and we hung out a lot. After mentioning that I was already into rave music and producing, he suggested working with Micky Skeedale, and I went in and produced ‘Miles Ahead’ for Essential Platinum and it kind of took off from there!