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OneSeventy: Old Skool x Nu School [29.06.18]

Tickets: The Old Skool collides head on with the sounds of the Nu School at the next OneSeventy, where ravers of all generations are welcomed into our home of happy hardcore. Themed DJ sets through the night will focus on different eras of the past and present. Get ready for a night of nostalgia, alongside celebrating the best sounds of today! ROOM 1 - Old Skool Happy Hardcore TOM-E - SPELLBOUND - MATRIX Hosted by MC Napsta ROOM 1 - Nu School Happy Hardcore TECHNIKORE - JTS - WEAVER - ANALOG Hosted by MC Riddle ROOM 2 - Hardstyle / RVRS Bass / Raw / Freestyle / Hardcore KAMIKAZE - LIHAN - MZ. HAYTCH - CHE VALINO - LILITH